Verité provides the knowledge and tools to eliminate the most serious social compliance issues in global supply chain and improve competitiveness.

We focus on issues that seriously affect CSR performance and address them in a variety of ways: to cooperate directly with companies to improve their management system and business processes such as procurement and employment, so as to promote the improvement of social responsibility performance; to use the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years to set standards, develop tools and write reports for brand companies, international organizations, industry associations and suppliers, so as to promote policy change and industry upgrading, thus benefiting the most vulnerable workers in the global supply chain; to provide training directly to workers, to enhance their capabilities, and to promote the improvement of working conditions.


We provide services, including auditing, consulting, training and research for multinational companies and their supply chains to find the root causes of problems in terms of CSR compliance in order to solve the problems and improve their performances.


Our Work

Across sectors, industries and countries, we develop tools, implement programs, and conduct research to take aim at serious labor issues and improve the working conditions in global supply chains.



Through research staff stationed around the world, we objectively assess the working conditions of the global supply chain to provide recommendations to multinational companies, local suppliers, and other stakeholders.


Worker Courses

Verité’s worker courses, offered through Verité Training Website, provide Chinese suppliers with economical and practical worker training programs. Our courses help participants better understand their responsibilities and rights, learn how to use communication and grievance channels, master basic occupational health and safety knowledge and skills, and learn to maintain physical and mental health, so as to create a positive and safe working environment, promote strong communication between workers and management, and improve workers sense of value, satisfaction and engagement at work. This series of courses covers three major topics, including labor rights, occupational health, safety and life skills. We use new communication technology to enable more workers to access the required knowledge, skills and information in an affordable and convenient way.

Social Compliance Professional Development Program

Verité’s Social Compliance Professional Development Program provides CSR professionals with all-phase courses from entry stage to taking the leading roles, covering the knowledge, skills, awareness and ethnics needed in different phases of CSR professionals career development.

Training on EcoVadis Evaluation

As a sustainability assessment platform, EcoVadis provides a rating and scorecard on companies’ sustainability performance in terms of labor conditions, environmental protection, and business ethics. The assessment methodology covers 200+ purchasing categories and 21 corporate social responsibility (CSR) criteria. Verité is the only training and consulting organization authorized by EcoVadis in Greater China.